I feel it in my bones, You’re about to move

The sun rose above him as he passed Peniel, and he was limping because of his hip.   – Genesis 32:31   NIV

Talk about Throwback Thursday – we’re taking it all the way back – as in, Genesis, back.

Jacob wrestled with God and was reminded of his encounter with Him – pain in his hip and a limp – whether the pain subsided or it was with him his entire life, he was reminded of wrestling with our God Almighty.

My “thorn” at present time is definitely hip pain. I feel you, Jacob! The thing about cancer packing up camp and moving to my bones is this: pain is a constant reminder that I am still alive here on earth. I guess that is to be said with any type of pain. Acute, chronic, pain is pain, right?

One thing to be known amidst any form of pain – pain is not a defection of God’s goodness. I don’t believe God hands out pain to show He is in control or to push us away from Him. I believe pain brings us right into His presence as Jacob was – and is a reminder that God is always present – not in a pain type of way, but in a – I am here, we wrestled and you have a reminder that I am with you – type of way. I’ll take that kind of pain. I will. I will strive to humbly wrestle with pain if it is a reminder that my God is with me. Always.

He will heal you if it’s His Will. It may be when you get to heaven and it may be right here on earth. The word on the street is that, if you are experiencing any pain right now, that you are still on this tiny blue dot with all the rest of us and haven’t made it home yet. Hang tight. Wrestle with the strength that only He provides. Stay humble.

Spirit Move – Bethel Music





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