I Absolutely Do!

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this wedding cake?

This couple is young, fun, and newly married. Well, this was almost a year ago, they’re probably pro’s now… I just came across this picture and simply had to share! They served burgers and hotdogs and this was their show-stopping cake. Do you know that they even had a blow up jousting ring? YES! Of course they did!!! And yes, the bride and her gown partook in the festivities. Rock Stars!

Weddings should always be this fun, right? The couple and her family are close friends and I can honestly say that I don’t think they fretted over a single detail. Maybe behind the scenes, but nothing that I ever witnessed.

Getting married is supposed to be a joyful event and some people might make it too stressful when planning. Too stressful in fact, to even enjoy the process. Planning. Waiting. Hoping every detail is covered and even smothered, in perfection. Praying that it doesn’t rain on the special day. Praying that someone doesn’t fumble their vows. Hoping that everyone gets along – it’s family, does that ever happen?

Then the tissues, crying, some eating, dancing, (jousting), more eating, lots of hugs, rice throwing, bubble blowing, bell ringing, glow stick waving – and then – you’re off! Go live it out! Together! Yikes! No pressure.

I love weddings. My husband and I have been married for 12 years. Get this, my grandparents were married for 75 years!!!! And just so you know, they do not make anniversary cards for a 75th anniversary… I looked and looked and found there to be only ONE card offered for those married 65+ years – and it had a dial that goes up to 85 (just incase you have been married 85 years – because say, you got married when you were like, six?). My grandparents received several of those dial-an-anniversary cards 🙂 What a huge deal their anniversary was. 75 years. I asked my Grandpa and Grandma what made their marriage last so long and Grandma had a simple answer – she said communication and helping each other. Hmmm.. that sounds simple enough…

Communication – I can’t even tell you how much revolves around this word. Lack of it can cause a gamut of headaches. Men are from Mars? Or is it Venus? We communicate so differently. If communication will land us at that 75 year mark, then that’s on the top of my to-do list. Communicate effectively.

Grandma’s second tip for longterm marital success….

Helping each other – sure, simple enough. Wait, I will help you after I finish what I am doing. Oh, you mean help as in, now? Like, stop what I am doing and help? Make your lunch, iron (that’s an entire blog in itself, look for it to come at some point – ironing is just awful – I would rather dig a trench in the backyard than iron – ever). My husband is a super helper and I could actually take a few pointers from him.

Marriage – a gift from God. He didn’t choose my first one, but he chose my last one. The one. The one that matters. God did much better at choosing than I did and I had to wait a long time for God to show me who He chose for me. My husband. God knew each day, as He placed with great care, each stepping stone that led me to where I sit this very moment. He has always had a plan.

If you aren’t married, want to be married, enjoy being single, don’t even know what you want, just know that God knows. And if your person isn’t in your life at this moment, it’s certainly because God is getting them ready for you and also getting you ready for your person. Sometimes we don’t even know we have been waiting. God knows though.

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.   – Genesis 2:24   NIV


EnJOY my grandma’s recipe… Hope it’s not a family secret…








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