Okay, so look at this picture – closely.

My husband and I were at a safari park in Virginia and as we were walking around some kangaroos, this particular momma hopped on over and let me start petting her. No, I didn’t just go all face in right when she approached – I am not actually crazy, peeps! But! after petting her for a few moments and realizing how calm and trusting she was, I engaged for a snuggle. Then, when I looked down, I noticed that she had her joey IN HER POUCH! Now, that is what you call trusting. She completely trusted me and well, she could have taken me if she felt threatened, so why not trust me? See the little guy? Hanging out of the pouch and chewing on his foot? Whoa. And just to be clear, I do not want to know anything about what is actually going on inside of that pouch. The joey lives in there for eight months. Ew.

I find myself at my most peaceful state when I am spending time quietly with my Maker or around animals. Always. My husband will tell you about a sense of peace that comes over my face each time we pull into an animal park. I lean forward in the passenger seat just a little bit as we enter the grounds, I am silent and filled with actual wonder.This is not the root of my peace, it is simply the blessing of His peace. God knows how much I love His animals.

It’s about this time when we enter the park, that I purchase 39 bags of feed – just so we don’t run out along the way…. Note to newbies: if you don’t plan accordingly when entering a drive-thru safari park, you will end up without enough food and you will spend the last half of your drive disappointing hungry animals. Can we say bor-ing and just not fun for the last half of the drive? Plan accordingly. If you really want to be prepared, take a couple of beach towels for your lap and some good hand sanitizer. I also sneak in sliced apples for – whatever will eat – sliced apples? Shhh.

May we each know….

Who provides peace

Who fills us with joy

Who inspires wonder

He doesn’t limit our time in The Pouch to just eight months…


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  – Romans 15:13   NIV



What can I say, my love of animals started at a very young age… Blame the animals.




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