One step forward

Two steps back. I just looked up the rules to hopscotch (no clue what the rules were, that’s been a long time ago, right?). Embarrassing to say, but I might get a little winded from an actual game of hopscotch… That’s why they’re called kids, people! Full of energy and non-stop. Have fun with that…

So, hopscotch. You throw a stone, piece of chalk, whatever your marker is, and then you hop to it and then have to turn around and keep coming back. The fun never stops… Well, it does, but it may take a while.

It’s like going around that same mountain, you have your markers in place, maybe a bush, ravine, hill, windmill in the distance – and each time you pass by it again, you’re like, yup, been here before. I’ll just keep going until I end up A) outta here B) outta here. Then you see it!!!! Wait! It’s that same stinkin’ bush!!! Again!? Ugh. I’m starting to get thirsty.

Sound familiar? What are your landmarks? You can fill in the blank (I’ll even give us two, just for good measure)  _________________________, ___________________________.

I’ll be a little transparent here. Is there such thing as a “little transparent”? It’s either transparent or non-transparent, Jen. Okay, anyway, my mountain – one of my hills, per se, not like the Rockies or Everest or anything that substantial as far as sight, but just as grand as far as an obstacle. Praying before decisions and waiting for God to give me an answer. What, you say!? Everybody waits for God to answer before proceeding with decisions, come on!? Riiiiiiiight. So, I think I’m gonna grab a few of you guys and pull you in on this with me.

Praying for the big things and waiting is easier. Maybe. The smaller things – I can make a decision on all by myself (my mom reminds me about when I was two or three years old, I was always walking around saying “I can do it myself, I can do it myself.” Which by the way, clearly is a trait straight from birth). The “I can do it myself” mentality.  Anyway, wow, okay, so waiting on the little things. I believe that God is simply wanting us to come to Him with the little things as much as the big things. Here’s the deal – He wants us to just come to Him with everything. Maybe He doesn’t even see things as big or little? He gives us peace about the little stuff as much as what we view as the big stuff.  I mean, He does see the WHOLE picture each time we ask for both little and big stuff.

In the puzzle of creation, the pieces have to fit. He cut each piece and there isn’t one missing. You just can’t have a Finding Nemo puzzle piece and ask God to put it in the Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition puzzle, right? Right.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.  – 2 Peter 3:9   NIV



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