Straight up

I was outside this morning and felt something on my toe… Yikes! He was hooked on and along for the ride. Startled at first, I gently reached down and plucked him off. He was so content in my hand – he kinda looks like he’s bellied up to a bar waiting on perhaps, a Manhattan? Old man’s drink. Manhattan’s are.

This guy had no intention on going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe he liked the warmth of my hand or having an aerial view of the yard. After staring at him for awhile and admiring his intricate detail, I decided to feed him to the turtle. Geez. I am kidding. Our turtle only likes worms.

Can you zoom in on the picture? Maybe take a moment to look at the detail? These details weren’t visible to my naked eye, however after going back and looking at the pictures I had taken of him, I realized the delicate design in this single little grasshopper. First, his fingers. Second… he has hair – look at his legs. Then the obvious – his face – he’s smiling. His eyes are pretty cool too.

I will add an authors note at this time: I am not medicated. I simply like bugs – and photography. I think I mentioned in the first or second blog that God was allowing me to see things more beautifully now, so consider my mental state fully disclosed at this time. 🙂

Today’s insight is pretty easy to absorb. If God puts this much detail and love into creating this toe hopping, hairy, smiling, Manhattan drinking, little grasshopper – who is here today and gone when the next bird sees him, then, well, how much more does he delve into His detail in creating you and me?

Enough said.

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.   – Ephesians 2:10   NIV


Patience Young Grasshopper







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