who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father…  – 1 Peter 1:2   NIV

There were three black female puppies in the litter. This particular day, we arrived at a farm about two hours away to choose the little gal who we would be adding to our family. I just knew she was the one. The owner of the pups couldn’t distinguish the difference. They really did look identical to most, but not to the eye of the beholder. After my thorough “inspection” of all three, I just knew this was our Bleu.

And do you know what?  We didn’t even get to take her home with us that day!  I know, right!? She wasn’t ready just yet. We were only there to pick out our “pick of the litter” that we would bring home the following week. GAH! Tic toc tic toc… How did we know we got the right pup home? Truth is, I had spotted the tiniest little birthmark on her belly. She’s ours.

To be chosen. Let that sink in for a moment. Thought of. For a purpose. Loved. Even knowing ahead of time that this (we) would be a lot of work. God didn’t mind. He had His Plan to redeem us way before the world was even created. 1 Peter reminds us that God has chosen us – He chose us – specifically for a relationship with Him. It is not our job to entertain Him. It is our job to love and honor Him. To thank Him. To appreciate His goodness.

In our jacked up lives of wrong turns, selective hearing, and rose-colored glasses, we do indeed have a God that already knew what He was in store for when He said, yup, I will create and choose and have a relationship with you.

I don’t know why He chose me. I certainly don’t know why He chose you 🙂  I just know that He did. I also know that Jesus is the bearer of our birthmarks now. That was thought of well in advance too. Maybe we let that sink in a little longer…

EnJOY your Saturday.

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