I’m with Him

What is the way we describe being a Christian these days? I personally think that the word “Christian” is grossly overused. Not held to the highest standard like its original intent. Believer? Follower? Religious? Spiritual? Saved? How would people know that we believe in Jesus if we didn’t have the ability to use words? By a smile? Handshake? Random acts of kindness? A hug? What if we couldn’t speak at all. How would people know that you know Jesus?

My older brother and I usually meet for lunch every month or so, and one time in particular, we stood out in the parking lot afterwards talking for quite a while.  I remember looking at him and telling him that I wish so badly sometimes that Jesus would just come down and hug me, that I would feel His arms around me and have something tangible. We talked a little bit longer and gave each other a hug and got into our cars and drove away.

On the drive home, I realized something – Jesus did give me something tangible that day. He was there and that hug from my brother was the tangible Jesus that I needed at that very moment. The hands and feet of Jesus. I believe that God uses these moments for a dual purpose, two-for-one punch. Sharing that experience with my brother and letting him know later that he was part of something that I felt so blessed by, ended up blessing him too. Sometimes we ask God for something so specific and we don’t even realize that He said, okay, here ya go!

It’s that whole thing about being watchful. Most of the time we’re strolling right along and end up missing the most beautiful things.


Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.  – Colossians 4:2   NIV




One thought on “I’m with Him

  1. Yes! He really is everywhere if our eyes are open…and He lives in us, so even if we’re in a terrible God-forsaken place, He comforts us. I just love how *constant* He is and yet surprising. ( :


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