As I sit here this morning wondering what is going to appear on this “paper” and thinking about the people that are reading this blog and wanting to reach more people, I hear a gentle whisper – don’t let your desire become your focus. Wait, what? I desire to reach more people through this blog, however, that desire should not be my focus? My desire is to write and allow God to use me. The focus should be on Him. He has his own distribution list. That is not my concern. Awesome revelation, it totally takes the pressure off. See how He does that?

I am not sure how you “hear” from God. He reveals himself to us differently. I will step out and say this, if you are not hearing from God, it may just be that you aren’t spending time listening for Him. Or maybe all you do is ask, ask, ask, and it’s time to thank, thank, thank. Spending time alone with our Maker can be a silent thing altogether. Being still. It’s just a thought.

There are times when I feel as if God has stepped away and left me to my Resources for awhile. When I fill up on His Word, I have an unlimited amount of strength, joy and patience to get me through the day. When I am out of His word, I discover that I am cranky, tired and not pleasant to be around.

God will certainly use you if you ask Him to. I am not sure how, when, or what that looks like, I can only tell you of my experiences. There have been several times during my cancer years that I have asked God to use me. Pleaded for God to use me. He did and continues to do so.  It seems that when I ask, that it usually comes around the time of a recurrence. Yikes. I asked, and I wasn’t specific on how to I would like to be used (I think He is like, you can ask me to do something for you, however, don’t tell me how to do it). Using me through cancer is still an answer to my request. I have seen Him use me through the rough stuff more than He used me when things were easy.

I consider it an honor, a great privilege, that when we ask God to use us, that He will. That says a lot about His trust in us and our faith in Him.

Now, I’ll be real here, each time I ask God to use me these days, I kind of duck a little bit, because I know it’s comin’…. Don’t let fear stop you from asking.

Be open. Ask. Then, buckle up.

for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.   – Philippians 2:13



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