What’s on your play list?

So, I am at my mom’s this morning and she is out of town. Great timing, right? 🙂 Just kidding, mom.

It is very quiet here and I only have one pup with me – Ollie – the perpetual toddler. Okay, so anyway, I was standing in the kitchen making coffee and thinking about writing this morning and I heard the faintest sound of music coming from somewhere, but like a childs toy kind of music. Just me and Ollie are here. I listened closer and walked around the house looking for whatever was playing the tune of – what I soon recognized to be – O Come let us adore Him… YES!! I thought for a brief moment A) the ice cream man is out super early today and B) the ice cream man has really stepped up his play list and is filling the streets with some real music!

Well, it wasn’t the ice cream man. Actually, I never found the toy or could detect where the sound was coming from. It just stopped. Yeah, I know. It just stopped. I thought, well, there must be one of my nieces or nephews toys somewhere in here that just…… waaaait a second! Isn’t that exactly what our minds do, try to blot out the simplest blessings and miracles as just “strange occurrences” or “coincidences” and we end up missing the moment all together?

Guys, it was like 6:30am in a quiet house three hours away from my home and I was just making some coffee. Minding my own business and thinking about what God was going to teach me this morning. He decided to literally let me listen to what is important at this moment. Exalting Him. Adoring Him. Glorify. Praise. Revere. Extol. Worship. If only for a moment. If a moment is all you have today, well then, a moment is all you have today.  He is indeed worthy to be praised.

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.  Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.      -Psalm 40:3  NIV

Childlike faith, He’ll supply the music.

Adore Him






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