Oh, Walmart….

Isn’t it strange how one word can change the meaning of something “pretty” drastically?

Life is “pretty” good? Wow. I hope that this product will be on the clearance rack soon due to non-interest in buying a “pretty good” attitude. Would you buy a “pretty” good car? Or fly on a “pretty” good plane? Um, no.

Life may indeed be “pretty” good for many. Let’s up the bar! The fact that you woke up today and are reading this, in my opinion, surpasses “pretty” good by a long shot. Sure, you may be climbing the mountain today, but the fact that you are breathing, have sight, can read, have internet and the ability to move your fingers in a fascinating way to scroll along (just to name a few of a gazillion things) make life more than “pretty” good.

Pain or no pain, in sadness and in joy, you are still on this tiny blue dot for a purpose. Your purpose may not be known to you at this time. You DO have a purpose. It actually would be ridiculous to think otherwise. I would ask that you please make a point to recognize when the enemy lies to you and tells you that you do NOT have a purpose. God doesn’t create a single thing without a purpose. Be patient. God will, in His timing, reveal yours to you. I have been running around for 48 years trying to figure it out and all of a sudden God was like, “start a blog and talk about My goodness”. Okay God!  I’m on it! You supply me with the words and I’ll be Your hands and feet….

I find that when you are open to hearing from God, that you will hear Him in the way that He chooses to reveal Himself to you. Seek and you WILL find. You know, I realized something over the past few days – I was out of town for a wedding and was out of my morning routine of spending quiet time with my Maker – and I tried to write a blog by myself.  To be honest, I thought it was pretty drab, I didn’t really get anything from it. I edited and edited and edited and well, felt like it just wasn’t right. What I came to realize is this, God didn’t ask ME to write a blog. He wants to guide me in writing this blog – for HIS purpose. He showed me that I absolutely can’t write without His intervention.

Oh, our God, if you don’t keep Him at the center, nothing will ever make sense. It will just be, well….. drab.

And we know in all things that God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.   -Romans 8:28




NOT drab….


Don’t be drab.


3 thoughts on “Oh, Walmart….

  1. Yes! I spent too many years trying to do things on my own. As soon as I invited God in, wow, there are hardly words to describe the difference. No more drab, that’s for sure! So glad He’s patient. woah….He just spoke to me…He said, I ask you to wait on me… “Wait for the Lord” … if that seems challenging at times, consider how long I waited for you!


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