Walk like George

Let’s think about this one for a minute. George Jefferson….

I will first start by telling you this, I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to write today. I usually sit outside and something comes to mind and it stems from there. I only want to write when I have something to say.  So… Kevin walked by me this morning and said, “you know, George Jefferson just came to my mind…” I said, “that’s funny and if you think I am going to blog about him, I’m not”. Kevin turned around and said “don’t tell God what you are going to blog about”. I laughed and said, yeah, whatever.

Be watchful. He. Uses. People. I am learning that every day.

Now, back to George… Most people from my generation and prior to it have either heard of or watched the tv sitcom “The Jefferson’s”. George, Wheezy, Florence, Tom, the list goes on.

George. The man with the swagger that got him to where he was going faster than the average person’s gait allows. George walked with purpose. Sure, his swag was driven by ego and if we look even closer, pride. Let’s strip it down though. As in, harnessing the good in having a swagger WITH purpose. Seriously, his feet are what propelled his entire body forward, chest out, arms swinging, he was on his game and walking strong. He had a zealous walk to say the least. And he was wearing a big smile (or frown – he was kind of grumpy on the show) to say here I am and here I come! I have arrived!

Not everyone can pull that off.  However! we CAN pull it off if it is for the right purpose. I want to walk with zeal too!!! Not because I think I am great, but because I know Who is great in me and propelling me forward. It’s not a puffed up stance that we carry, it is more subdued because even though we are walking tall, we realize that it is not due to our successes, pride or status  – here comes the preachy part – we walk tall because, hello, we carry and HAVE the righteousness of Jesus IN us. If you haven’t gotten that truth yet, you need to get it.

That should have perked your ears up. That’s enough purpose right now to get you started on practicing your “swagger”. It may look ridiculous at first, however, people that see you will certainly notice there is something different about you and the next thing you know, they are getting their swagger on too!

Now, perhaps you don’t need to be JUST like George in stride, let’s be real here, people might call the cops on you – thinking you’re just too happy or even a little cray cray.

Your swag is in you, it takes practice though. Swagger is not learned overnight. It’s a gift that evolves over time. Work on it. Swag like nobody is watching. Although Someone certainly is.

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.                          -Galatians 2:20


After reading a lot about Sherman Hemsley (the actor who played George Jefferson) I realized a few things.

He served our country. He showed us how to swag. Properly.  He moved on up.








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