Pick me! Pick me!

So, were you one of the ones picked first? Or…. were you one of the ones picked last? Sorry to bring up bad memories if you were the last pick, but I feel your pain. I did not like dodgeball and if you want to know the whole truth, I actually got an “F” in PE one year for not dressing out – like, not changing into the PE uniform – that way, I wasn’t allowed to participate (saved myself the embarrassment). This happened often enough to land me an actual “F” in PE. Who gets in “F” in PE?? This may not really surprise some of you who have known me for years. I was such a rebel. Authority sha-mority… Good thing God kept His eyes on me.

Yup, hard to believe all this athleticism you see here 🙂 was just not that into sports in high school… I didn’t like the outfits and I didn’t like the PE teacher. That’s a bad mix when you’re a teenager. Not fair! Well, let’s face it, life was/is only fair in first grade and after that, we’ll just see.

I’ve had a dodgeball image in my head for a month or so and wrote it down because I just knew God would use it one day. Today, it is. Happy Wednesday!

Remember the DUCK! blog – the one about me saying, use me Lord, and my knowing that He will? Well, what happens when we are asking or saying Pick me! Pick me! and we don’t get a response and it’s quiet or even silent. Maybe God wants us to keep pushing Him and praying about what that really means. Pick me! Don’t ask if you’re not serious. So, we wait for Him (look how long He waited for us). And you know what else? We keep dressing out. Every. Day.

Our earthly uniforms are going to be in the palest of contrasts compared to our heavenly uniforms. And, who doesn’t want to be on the winning team? I know I do. I know I AM.

Pick me, Lord. It doesn’t matter what order I am chosen in, just pick me.

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”    – Matthew 20:16   NIV








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