All that and a bag of bones

I just love this picture. The fall leaves, peaceful lake and the gaze of a creature that thinks I am the best thing on the planet. Yeah, that’s how dogs view us. The ONLY thing they would rather have more of (than our presence) is perhaps a big bag of bones… and that is still yet to be determined. We humans are pretty awesome through the eyes of a canine. Dogs just know stuff.

Radar went with me to my moms last week and I must say, he is the perfect travel companion. I see him watching my every move and can feel the joy that radiates from his squiggly, furry body as I enter the house after running an errand. This is a special something that makes a dog lovers heart smile. Now, if we would just treat our loved ones with that kind of enthusiasm – every time they enter… we’d all be happier people, wouldn’t we? To run up to the door and welcome our spouse, kids, parents. To greet them with just sheer joy when they arrive home. To have that silent camaraderie when words just aren’t necessary. I have to admit that there are many times when I speak sweeter to my dogs than I do to the people I do life with. Embarrassing to admit, but we can be real here.

Side thought – when your dog winks at you, do you wink back? I do, just incase it’s a sentimental code of friendship and loyalty. Anyway, what if we started winking at our spouses more? Or took an entire day to dote on them – even when it’s not mother’s or father’s day – and made it a point to speak as kindly to them as we do our little four-legged friends.

It’s gonna look strange at first – for sure – and your spouse may initially think that you’ve had a few martini’s, maxed out the credit card or even had a minor fender bender. I mean, why are you being so nice and doting? Who does that anymore? Who has time for that these days? Wait, it’s not about me today? Ugh. Here we go again with the “it’s not all about me” thing. I thought we covered this topic in a blog about, ohhhh, say, 40 blogs back?? Some things just take longer to learn. Wisdom doesn’t come quickly.

Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.   – Philippians 2:4   NIV






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