Borrowed Time

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.   – Matthew 6:34   NIV

Time. We want more, need more, can’t find enough of it, lose track of it or simply can’t manage the time we do have. Time is not promised to anyone. The next moment, later today, tomorrow morning, who knows? Time. What on earth do we do with it?

What I find important in noting during my early morning reflection of “time” today is this – that it indeed is borrowed. God has gifted us with this moment right here, right now. If we will step back and learn to take one moment at a time, it takes the pressure off of trying to figure out tomorrow and frees us up for a raw – in the moment – experience of gratefulness and thankfulness.

Not thinking about what I am doing later or even in a week!? Wait, what? I am the worst at this! Any “planners” out there know what I’m talking about? Always looking a week out, month out, and keeping a focus on what is ahead can (and probably will) leave you empty in the moments. Yes, having an agenda is great –  I am sure that God loves to read our agendas each morning for an early morning laugh up in heaven – just be sure to write everything down in pencil…



I am not sure why I haven’t listened to this song before now – I am hooked…  EnJOY.

Borrowed Time




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