Your turn

Clay comes from the ground, usually in areas where streams or rivers once flowed. It is made from minerals, plant life, and animals—all the ingredients of soil. Over time, water pressure breaks up the remains of flora, fauna, and minerals, pulverizing them into fine particles.          –

Pulverized. All lost hope, past mistakes, failures, old life, stained linens, hardship, heartache, and loss are pulverized and made into a big ball of clay. Maybe your ball of clay isn’t as big as the persons next to you, maybe your ball of clay is so big that they had to use an actual wagon wheel to throw it on – that’s neither here, nor there. It’s your ball of clay. New, ready to be transformed. What do you want to make?

I hear this whole clay throwing thing takes a lot of practice. Lots of practice. It may look like a lopsided kindergarten ashtray at first (what? why are kindergarteners making ashtrays?) and then… the more it is worked… as the wheel keeps spinning…. something starts to take shape. What is it?? I don’t know, it’s your clay. I will be over here working on mine, just keep working on yours until you can start to see the desired outcome.

Pottery is made by forming a ceramic (often clay) body into objects of a required shape and heating them to high temperatures in a kiln which removes all the water from the clay, which induces reactions that lead to permanent changes including increasing their strength and hardening and setting their shape.                  – Wikipedia

I think I want my ball of clay to be transformed into a cup. Being that the kiln removes all the water – which is a process that must happen to lead to permanent change, strengthening, hardening, setting the shape – my new cup will then need to be filled back up. I think I will fill it with Living Water. Yeah, I like that idea. I just know it’s going to be beautiful.

37…”If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. 38Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.  -John 7:37-38   NIV 





One thought on “Your turn

  1. I’m so glad I’m past the misshapen ashtray stage, but still on the Potter’s wheel. ( ; Good one! Love the mug.


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