I’ve been sick y’all. Not “cat word” sick, just really sinusy-the mucinex man-upper cut- me-and kicked me-when I was down-sick. For days. And days. I knew I was coming out of it when I reached for my computer.

This picture, by the way, is not the face Radar puts on when he wants something. It’s more of a face after he doesn’t get what he wants. We’ve ruined him. He’s spoiled. Rotten. Why don’t we ever use our rotten faces as profile pictures? The faces that people don’t see, unless they live with us and are most likely our spouses.

My husband has seen the ugly side, my other side (no, not over a bone, something more minute than even that!) and I am blessed that it isn’t a frequent occurrence (um, he’s blessed for that too…). We all have it. It’s not like we should pretend we don’t. The world derives from us, aggravation, agitation, anger, animosity, and that’s just the A’s.

A few things that I have come to realize first and foremost are: A) don’t shoot the messenger  (from my experience, about 100% of the time it is not their fault) B) be kind to nurses and doctors (your wait time will be much longer if you are not – your care will be different – that’s just the truth – be kind regardless) C) don’t be rude to the person getting ready to serve you food (do I need to elaborate?).

These are some easy life lessons (attitude checks) that may get you over a hump at some point. Maybe even today when you’re out at lunch having Mexican. Who could complain about the service at a Mexican restaurant anyway, they greet you with food and they bring you your food before you have finished the food you were just greeted with. Mmmmm…. cheese enchiladas, please.

Simple words today. Being in bed for days makes you appreciate being cared for. Somebody’s gotta do it, and your attitude will determine how quickly they are to do it again.

I wrote this poem below for my husband one morning, feeling grateful and at the same time appreciated. God usually guides my pen when I write. I guess it’s a form of poetry, I know for certain it’s a form of God. He’s called the Holy Spirit. Promised by Jesus to be our comforter until He returns. He. Is. Returning.

But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.    -John 14:26   NIV


The Caregiver

How are you she asks?
Ask my husband, because I can be rotten to live with.

How do you feel he asks?
Ask my husband because he can tell you about every ailment I have.

How are you doing asks a kind voice?
Ask my husband, he can tell you how I am not doing, what I am doing, and what we will be doing.

How many treatments left?
Ask my husband because he hears about it every day and awaits the ringing of the bell.

Do you have hope he asks?
Ask my husband, he has helped pull me out of the deepest pit.

Let me know if you need anything says a sweet voice.
Ask my husband, because he has a mental list of every need.

Can we do anything for you?
Ask my husband, he has been the doer for many long years.

What can we pray for?
Ask my husband, he carries the same load I carry.

What does the future hold?
Ask my husband, because the same future holds him.

What can I do, Jesus?
Pray for your husband, because he carries the same burden.

What can I say, Jesus?
Tell your husband thank you, for each day he has cared for you.

Why me, Jesus?
I have given you this husband to care for you in your deepest hour.

Why us, Jesus?
Why not you?  Together, you have found your greatest strength in Me.













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