Something’s in it, but it ain’t your ring

Refreshing. Quenching. Renewing. Cleansing. Life sustaining. All things water.

This picture is from years ago, I am not even sure what town we were in, I just remember this hotel being deserted and kind of creepy. My husband jumped into the pool after a mud race. I am reminded that we searched the bottom of that pool for HOURS looking for his wedding ring and eventually realized (by looking through the race pictures) where he must have lost it – The Arctic Enema. Yeah, that’s a thing. Brrrr.

I saw the upset on his face when he realized that his ring was really gone. His wedding band. When you wear something on your finger every day symbolizing your love and commitment to your person, the thought of not seeing that visual symbolization can dampen your spirits some. I didn’t realize how much he loved having it and he didn’t realize how many times he would sit and twist his ring around his finger as he would sit and wait in appointments, visits, treatments, stressful situations and all those moments that have created our life together.

He got a new ring, people. He got a new ring. But the old ring was the ring.

Soo, water… I will be the first to tell you that I take water completely for granted. I am sitting by a pool, just had the sprinklers running and drank some water when I woke up this morning. Water is the simplest thing to many of us, and yet is the biggest blessing ever. Those without water know this.

I was so frustrated a few days ago because of having no internet service available where I was and upset that I couldn’t do my thing. I was punched by reality in a quick and sobering way. I was standing there in a hot shower with a full stomach, traveling around with people I love and found my frustration at the moment to be kind of humiliating. While I was having my moment, God was outside watering all the corn and wheat crops around us and everything was green and beautiful. Perspective. Letting the one thing you don’t have access to at a moment can suffocate the moment all together.

It shifted my focus. Sometimes you have to get down on your face to rise and see clearly again. That is what I did. Thankful, grateful, cleansing water. These little reminders keep me going and they certainly keep me in check.

let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.   -Hebrews 10:22  NIV




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