Every time?

Wait, every time I do this? But I eat all the time!? Exactly.

The pups were following me around the house the other day (every day – go figure) and I was getting a little annoyed at their begging. I was like, QUIT BEGGING! It dawned on me that they beg all the time because, well, I am snacking all the time. Hmmmm….

I have two thoughts going on at this moment, this is what I thought as I looked down at my plate: Lord, is that why you said “as often as you do this think of Me” -because it’s a constant thing – eating, drinking? If we think of Him every time we put something in our pie hole, we’ll be thinking about Him a lot, right?

The second thing I thought was, every single thing we get to indulge on is from Him. Well, Cheetos, probably not Cheetos. He’s probably not a big fan of some of the things we have come up with as “food”.

Back to thinking and thanking…. Every time.

I was just reminded of being in my early teens and going out to lunch with family after church. Taco Bell. We would have to pray over our tacosin public! As a teenager, I was hugely embarrassed by this. Really!? It’s tacos and people are watching us!!! What on earth!?

I have evolved, peeps, I have evolved. That was 35 years ago. Evolving doesn’t happen overnight. And just to be clear, I am now that person… praying over… donuts.

It’s all about a grateful heart.

After he said this, he took some bread and gave thanks to God in front of them all. Then he broke it and began to eat.  -Acts 27:35  NIV





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