House Manager

So, this morning I hear my husband from the other room say “I need more Vitamin C when you go to the store again, wife” (he calls me wife, which is very endearing unless he is upset about something and then it sounds somewhat caveman-ish – WIFE!) Good thing I am awesome and never upset him about anything, ever……..

Anyway, Vitamin C. I consider it my actual “job” to get the Vitamin C for him. I am home and I am (to be politically correct) the “house manager” aka housewife. We have no children and I have been blessed – in my opinion, to the hilt – by God and to be able to be home and do all that comes with taking care of a home and making sure my husband and our 47 animals have everything they need.

I believe that when you have a job and responsibilities, it’s all about your attitude. I mean, it was 6am when I heard “wife….” and I could have thought, um, go get your own stinkin’ vitamins, geez! Not so. I am my husbands helper. To get all biblical on you (just for the record, I LOVE pulling up verses that correspond with what I am trying to say – AMAZING, God is).

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him”.    – Genesis 2:18

BAM! There ya go ladies, and there we were. My point is this, we were created to be a HELPER for our husband.  A helper. As independent as I have always been, I now get this. Being a “house manager” is a big job. And you should definitely feel good about it and be confident if that’s the role you have taken in your marriage. Whether you are the man or the woman that stays home, the luxury of doing so comes with MUCH responsibility. Helping! Cooking, cleaning, smiling when your spouse comes home from work (not always easy, I know). Providing. Caring. Making your home their safe place. We all need a safe place.

I have prayed over our home and asked for peace, patience, kindness… things that don’t come naturally, in my opinion, not without a lot of prayer and time spent with God. When you praise Him for things or ask Him for things, you take one more step in your relationship with Him. He wants us to ask Him things, spend time with Him and have a relationship with Him – constantly. He’s never like, Jen, you’ve talked enough today. Shut. Up. Hmmmm… Well, maybe some days… I kinda doubt that God says “shut up” though.

I think of Jesus as Heaven’s House Manager. THE House Manager of ALL house managers! He tells us this: In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you.   -John 14:2

He’s gone to prepare a place for US?!? Does that sink in for anyone? He’s gone to preeeepare a place for us, He’s gone to preeeeepare a plaaaace for us (said like a 4 year old singing). Childlike faith, people. He. Has. Gone. To. Prepare. THE Place. For. Us.


Sometime I’ll talk to you about how to reserve your spot.






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