The day seems brighter

My first blog. I am so lame about educating myself fully on things before I begin them – hence, why I have 47 uncompleted projects or phenomenal “ideas” that haven’t come to fruition.

Well, I take some of that back, there ARE two things that I consider myself to be fully educated on: dogs and cancer. Not dogs with cancer, but dogs in general and the cancer that has been trying to take my life for the last nine years.

So here it is. THE blog. I am excited that someone might find my random thoughts and life lessons of some use and even mildly entertaining. Even the cancer part. You must at times make it entertaining when it seems to be your “profession”. I am retiring from the chemo treatments. Done. It’s a lengthy story. I will elaborate more as the days come – as I said – its LENGTHY. Actually, that decision is what spurred this blog to begin specifically, today. There may be typos, mis-punctuation and I do like to use a lot of commas, however, I have pretty in-depth knowledge on a subject that some may be seeking because they too, have these pesky cells that just won’t settle. Or maybe you just really like dogs. There will be lots of pictures of dogs.

My name is Jen and I am 48 years old and medically speaking, I have stage 4 cancer (breast) and I am about 5 years past my expiration date. Looking at me, you probably wouldn’t even guess that I have cancer and you might even think that I look younger than I am. 🙂  However! Inside my body tells a totally different story.

I think I will call it a day and if you want to hear more of my story and gain some insight on rubber tree plants, you can come back here. The video below says it all:

Maybe I will end with a verse each time I write. God’s the one running the show, I will certainly include Him…

Heal me Lord and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved, for you are the One I praise.   -Jeremiah 17:14   NIV



5 thoughts on “The day seems brighter

  1. I love you sweet lady and am truly sorry this is going on in your life.

    Rant on and use a bazillion commas if you want.


  2. You are one amazing lady. And writer. Managing a home for one amazing man and a menagerie of special critters. I love you. Aunt Naoma 😍😇


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